About Us

CountySMS is a modern,secure and interactive Bulk SMS System for County governments,Businesses,Schools,Groups,Saccos,Churches and Companies..

Why Choose Us

Instant sms delivery

Messages sent via our system are delivered instantly to the intended recipient's phone


At KES1.00 only per every sms sent,we offer one of the best rates in Kenya

Sms Scheduling

You can schedule message to be sent later and the system handles the rest for you

Personalized messages

Our system has the capability to personalize every message so that every SMS is unique to the recipients

Special Support

We offer afree adedicated technical support to all our clients,we are always happy to asist.

Delivery status and analysis

Track delivery of every SMS you send via our system,get the status and much more.

Advance character Encoding

We deliver your message as it is,URL/link,#,$,%,.,?,/ e.t.c are delivered as they are

Unlimited contacts

Upload unlimited contacts and create unlimited contact groups to fit your needs.


You can use our API to add bulkSMS funtionality to your application

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